How To Make A Calendar In Google Sheets

How to make a calendar in google sheets

There are so many online platforms that allow you to make a calendar. But nothing beats google sheets especially when it comes to customization and integration in your school, work, or employee schedule. Before, we only had excel sheets to make calendars until google introduced google sheets. Now you can easily create, customize, and share a calendar online without much hassle. The best thing about this platform is that it’s absolutely free and can be accessed in any device whether it’s your PC, Android, or iOS phone.


Steps for making a calendar in google sheets

1. Open google sheets: There so many ways to do this. The first one is through google drive. Select new on the google drive menu and select google sheets. The second method is through google .com. Google the word google sheets and click on the first link. Lastly, you can use the Gmail option. Click on the icons the scroll and select the google sheets icon.

2. Rename your blank sheet to the calendar. You can do this by clicking on the “untitled spreadsheet” on the top left corner. You can rename it whatever you like

072020 2011 Howtomakeac2

3. Now fill your calendar beginning at cell B3 so as to make your work easy

072020 2011 Howtomakeac3

4. Enter the correct date on cell B4. This will help google sheets to know the correct date.

5. On the next cell enter the formula =B4+1. I’m writing this on July 19 so July 20 should appear automatically.

6. Highlight the rest of the days to fill their dates automatically

072020 2011 Howtomakeac4

7. Skip a row and enter     B3 then highlight the rest of the days as we did. Paste the following formula
on the first sell of beneath and drag it to the end as usual

8. Highlight your second set together with a blank row beneath it and pull down to as any blank cells as would like to fill.

072020 2011 Howtomakeac5

9. Customize your calendar as you wish by inserting your relevant schedules in the blank spaces

That’s it you have made your first calendar using google sheets. Alternatively, you can search for add-ons that will help you create a calendar automatically.