How To Do T Test In Google Sheets

How to do t test in google sheets


t-test is a statistical method used to determine the significant difference between the means of two sets of data, which might have a relation in certain features. The t-test is one of the most used methods to test many purposes of hypothesis in statistics. While dealing with t-test you may
require the use of three key data values


TTEST (range1, range2, tails, type)

TTEST uses the data in range1 and range2 to calculate a non-negative test.tails is set to value 1, TTEST it returns the probability of the highest value of the t-statistic under the assumption between, range1 and range2 are samples of test marks scored by the student in a class for a simple test with the same mean in a given examination. The value to be returned by TTEST when tails are set to value 2 it will be double that returned when tails are set to value 1 and corresponds to the probability of a higher absolute value of the t-statistic under the same assumption.

In an example of in a paired, two-tailed t-Test is calculated on a student’s term and second term grades in a simple test.

Steps to do a t Test in Google Sheets

1. Open the associated document with your spreadsheet in Google Sheets

Type your data or copy and paste your information, in our case we have student’s grades in two terms.

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2. Place your cursor in a paired t test cell, and then click the fx type your formula


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3. Press enter while cursor place in paired ttest cell and see the results.

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