How To Add Numbers In Google Sheets

How to add numbers in google sheets

The two of the most common thing you will do in Google Sheets are to find the sum and average of sets of value. Type an equal sign, And the function you use to find the sum is the sum, Followed by a left parenthesis, and then all you need to do is select the value that you want to add.

1. Open your spreadsheet Google Sheets

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2. Start by entering “=” sign followed with the sum function

Click SUM

SUM(value 1 vallue2,…)

072220 0849 Howtoaddnum3

3. Highlight cells to add numbers

072220 0849 Howtoaddnum4

Even before you hit the “Enter” key, notice there is the result shown in the tooltip. This is the result that you get if you press the “Enter” key now

Click enter

072220 0849 Howtoaddnum5

Add Numbers

072220 0849 Howtoaddnum6

072220 0849 Howtoaddnum7

The completed Google Spreadsheet SUM function will look like following