How to make a brochure on Google docs

A brochure is a booklet or document which usually contains advertisement information that is used to update, inform, or attract prospective customers. Google docs are an important tool in making these brochures. It has different brochure templates, and this allows the user to choose the in that fits him best. Creating brochures using Google docs is a budget-friendly way of making brochures as it is cheap, and therefore learning how to make these brochures using Google docs can help to minimize the advertisement cost involved. Google docs already have some templates that one can easily edit and come up with his own brochure. There are two types of brochures that can be created using Google docs, i.e., a simple two pages brochure and a tri-fold brochure.

Learning how to make brochures using Google docs is vital as it is an excellent marketing tool. It is mostly prepared by the owner of the business, and this ensures no information about the business is left out.

There are two methods involved in making brochures using Google docs; Use of Google docs’ template and use of Google docs to personalize your brochure.


Method 1

This method involves editing the Google template and coming up with your own brochures. Google docs have a variety of templates that can be used to come with other brochures and documents. It only requires the owner to have his or her information that is added to the edited template. Below are some of the steps involved in this method.

Step 1

This is the initial and vital step in making the brochure using Google Docs. It involves logging in to Google software using a suitable web browser. Before you get started, you should decide on the type of brochure you want to create. Then click the large plus sign on the top-left side of the page. Alternatively, you can choose the type of template you want to edit instead. This is possible because the templates are on the same page as the rainbow plus sign that is used to create a new document.

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Step 2

After clicking the large plus sign, a new document opens where you can add or create your brochure. Click the top part named “untitled document” and enter the name of your brochure. This makes it easier to know the document when printing it.

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Below is an example after editing.

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Step 3

Click the “file” tab, which is on the top-left side of the page, point to “new,” and then lastly choose “From template.” This enables the user to access a variety of templates that can be edited to fit the desires of the owner.

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Step 4

After clicking “from templates,” different types of templates are displayed. Google docs mostly have two types of brochure templates, i.e., modern writer and geometric. On the same page, scroll downwards and search for a template that fits best your brochure best. Click on your favorite template and allow it to open. The selected template may come along with the instructions to be followed when editing it. It also provides enough space for the user to add more details and also insert images.

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The chosen template is then edited, and information is added to it. Advertisement pictures and images can be added by clicking on the “insert” tab situated on the top-most side of the page, change colors to make the brochure more appealing. Google docs also provide the user with the opportunity to change the font style and text sizes. This makes a good tool in making an eye-appealing brochure hence promoting the business.


Method 2

This is another method that can be used in creating brochures that are used for advertising or for any other purpose. This method is appropriate where the user is not satisfied with the samples of templates present in the Google docs, and therefore, he opts to create his own template that he can further use to create a brochure.

Below are some of the steps involved in this method.

Step 1

The first step of this method is similar to that of the previous method. It involves logging in to Google docs and clicking the rainbow plus sign to create a new document. After the Google sheet has successfully opened, click the “untitled document” to enter the name of the brochure.

Below is an image showing before editing.

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Below is a sample of output after editing the name of the sheet.

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Step 2

Click the “file” tab followed by “new,” then click on the “presentation.” After clicking the presentation tab, Google docs automatically recommends a theme to the user. The user can, however, change the suggested theme. This ease the process of making the brochure as the user does not have to make his own them; rather, he selects from the already created themes. The themes are also designed in a way that.

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Step 3

This step involves editing the presentation theme and creating your own brochure. If the user is not satisfied with the theme suggested, he can change by choosing the theme that fits his brochure best. After opening the presentation page, the theme setting automatically appears on the right side of the page. Theme setting allows the user to choose the best theme from a variety of themes.

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Step 4

This step involves customizing the brochure. This is done to make the brochure more appealing. The insert and format tabs on the top of the page are used to achieve this. The images of the company/business or the pictures of the product to be advertised are inserted using the “insert tab.” Font styles and colors can be changed by accessing the “format” tab, which is also located at the top of the sheet page.

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After editing and formatting, the brochure is now ready to be circulated. It is therefore saved and can be printed to enable it to be shared as a hard copy.

Following the above two methods, one can make a cost-effective brochure without any difficulty. Therefore because of the short and easy procedure involved, many people prefer using Google docs in the making of brochures.