How To Calculate Percentage In Google Sheets

How to calculate percentage in google sheets

Percentages are not useful for work only nut help all of us in everyday life. As most people know is as percent or percent, the term simply means one-hundredth part and is always shown by a special sign: %, as a representative of a part of the whole. For example, a business with three partners makes a profit of $20000 and is to be shared among the partners according to the number of shares. To get the percentage of the profit each gets, you will get the amount each partner gets divide by total then multiply by 100 to get the percentage.

Google sheets have however made it simpler to calculate the percentage for different scenarios. In this tutorial, am going to show you how to use google sheets to calculate the percentage of one value to another. In my example, am finding the percentage of male to female.


Steps for calculating a percentage

1. Key in the data as shown.

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2.Input % formulae. The first key in the equals sign(=) sign in the cell you desire your result to be displayed. For example in our case, I chose cell J2. From the google sheets menu bar, click the summation sign then select SUM, select the cell with the first variable. In our case, it is H2, key in the division sign or the slanting sign (/), select the second variable in which our case example falls under cell I2, key in the multiplication sign or the star sign, key in 100 then click ENTER. In a simple method, key in the formula =SUM(H2/I2) 100.

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3. Click ENTER to display the solution as shown below. In our case, the percentage of Male to Female as shown n our data below is 80.

072220 1136 Howtocalcul4

Kindly note that there is a great range of percentages to be calculated e.g. percent increase, total percentage, percent profit, percent loss, percentage of the total, the percentage from row to row, etc. But all apply different formulas and approaches. They will be discussed in the next tutorial.