How To Count Unique Values In Google Sheets

How to count unique values in google sheets

At times when working with google sheets, we come across data requiring us to count the number of unique occurrences of the dataset. The best way to easily achieve this is by using Google sheets syntax formula COUNTUNIQUE( Value1,[value2,….]). This will give the total number of unique values is a certain set of data.

Value1 in the formula is the first dataset input value whose uniqueness form has to be identified by the formula.Value2 which is optional is any additional value in the set of data used for checking the number of unique values form.


How to use the COUNTUNIQUE formula in google sheets.

Having learned the COUNTUNIQUE syntax formulae, I am going to use screenshot examples to show you how to practically apply our newfound knowledge on the Google sheets application. In my case example, my data is not numerical but text values as shown below. It has several unique values that are going to use the COUNTUNIQUE formula to check the number of times the unique values appear in the dataset.

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1. Key in the formula =COUNTUNIQUE( select the cells range) as shown.

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2. Then click ENTER. The total number of complete values will be displayed. In our case example, the total number of unique values.

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3. If we validate quickly the set of data input through manually counting the number of unique values, we will notice that indeed column A has 14 unique values, which is the actual return of the formula. It is good to note that the COUNTUNIQUE formula is not only confined to Text values. If we consider putting numeric values, we will still get the same results.